Chippawa Shores is a Freehold Lot Sub-Division with a Common Element Condominium

Each Lot owner owns the Lot outright. Each Lot comes with a voting Unit in the Condominium Corporation which is comprised of 44 Units. ‍

The Condominium Corporation owns Common Elements in the project, primarily the Road System, and is responsible for maintenance and snow plowing. ‍

The Condominium Declaration and By-Laws contain the rules governing the Chippawa Shores community. These will be made available as part of the Purchase and Sale Agreement. ‍

The two primary advantages of having the Common Element Condominium are having PRIVATE ROADS and UNIFORM COMMUNITY RULES for common benefit and enforcement. ‍

The initial Condominium Fees are set at a modest $500 per annum. An annual Condominium budget will be established every year which will result in agreed upon Condo Fees on an on-going basis. ‍

The Officers and Directors of the Condominium Corporation will be elected/appointed by the Condominium Unit holders.